Many many months ago we blocked off August 2 and 3 really for our annual corporate retreat which is participated in by our 3 companies: Imagine Nation, Wang and Post Ad. Last year, it was organized by Ickhoy de Leon who now pretty much got his hands full with his role as Marketing Communication manager for our church CCF. Since we are celebrating our 30th year by month end, he is pretty busy.

However, a few months ago, when he wasn’t available, people volunteered to do the retreat with us. But somehow we found out that these people who were supposed to be with us would be busy themselves too. So after much effort in finding last minute speakers fell in vain, we surrendered to the fact that there are just 2 options: move the retreat or we are going to speak.

First option wasn’t possible because the venue is already fully booked. Also, i think with all the stress and crisis we are going through, the retreat is very timely. So ok, we are it. I have to admit, the retreat is already tomorrow and I’ve been working on my message for days and more than anyone else i feel the message talking to me.

I feel so incapable of the task… I actually feel paralyzed most of the time, helpless to do anything. With the management and leaderships books I’ve read it has taught me, the stronger pulls up the weaker and I have to say I’m in one of my weakest point right now. Unworthy, in-equipped, incapable, and I’ve been struggling with God that I don’t think I’m really capable of speaking. Then part of my 1st message tomorrow spoke to me: “Who made man’s mouth? Mute? Deaf? See? Blind? Have not I the Lord? Go, I will be your mouth and teach you what you shall say.”

I don’t know if it can get clearer than that… “The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you.”

If God is asking me to speak tomorrow… then it’s his show not mine. God doesn’t make mistakes and that includes choosing people who will speak in his retreats. Our role is to just be obedient and available. Then we leave the rest to him. But it doesn’t mean we’re just gonna rest on our laurels and not work. Of course we need to do our best. So as I allocate this last day in preparing for my message, please pray for me. May I be worthy of this privilege He has set before me.

Are you struggling with something God wants you to do? Feeling Inadequate? Remember He will not ask you to do something you aren’t capable of. It doesn’t mean there will be no stretches no pressures but without the stretch and pressure there will be no growth too.