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Preparing for the Marriage

A lot of soon to be weds make this mistake, they spend so much time, money and effort creating a grand beautiful wedding, people are impressed and they become talk of the town for a week or two, and then they realize when they get married that its not as easy as they thought.  What happened here?  They forgot to prepare for the marriage…  This workbook was used during the before I do seminar founded by John & Monique Ong.   We hope that if you can’t make it to any of the talks, that you be equipped by this book.   If you have attended, don’t worry, Many of the topics here are not covered in the seminar because of the limited time that we have.

The Root Of Conflicts

To be honest, Monique & I hardly get into conflicts, so as we were writing out what to say to couples expecting a list of what to do whenever we get into conflict, we decided to discuss instead the Roots of why we find ourselves in a conflict in the first place. We identified three which we could divide into 2 categories:

Unintentional and the intentional.

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Personality Plus Test

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Understanding Your Personality

Learn to live harmoniously in marriage by understanding each others temperament.