Author: John Mateos Ong
John Mateos Ong

Phuket of grace

I am writing this on board SQ916 back to Manila as we conclude our 2017 summer family trip in Phuket. I want you to know first, that one of our family values is to travel together and share Jesus to the world. In all honesty because we are a big family of 7, it always almost feels impossible to do this because the cost are multiplied by how many we are. The trip can just literally be expensive. I can testify today we are on this family trip based on God’s overflowing grace. We may not be rich, but...

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And God answered

My PADI (professional association of dive instructors) renewal day came last week and I was contemplating on whether to renew or not as it doesn’t come cheap and I’m not in my most liquid state right now.  Then I inquired from the Lord. These 3 student’s parents just called and booked. I guess God has just answered my question and prayer. I just finished the book “circle maker” by Mark Batterson and he said If you’ve been praying and waiting. Remember that unlike our voices that disippate over time due to distance and obstacles that it hits,  our prayers do not. They are...

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Don’t be afraid to look stupid

Everybody is probably busy this season (and so were we) and so i’ll keep this short. I just want to share something I’ve read that has continuously resonated inside me these past days… “FAITH IS RISKING LOOKING FOOLISH!” So true! The difference between having faith and simply believing is that faith entails a risk. A risk of failing, of humiliation, of losing… In short, Faith must prove itself. Example: You have a cup of water. You are telling me that you will drink it.  Should I believe that you can do it, that is simply believing unless it is...

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What does it mean to have peace?

In the Catholic church, one of the parts of a mass is when people would offer each other the sign of peace.  Admittedly,  I thought this peace meant “absence of war or enemies” thats why sometimes I would give people the peace sign.  As I matured in the faith, I realized that the peace being talked about here is inner peace which is “being free from disturbances or anxiety” and in our recent trip to the US once again this peace was put to a test.   So we just concluded our 1st family West to East Coast trip...

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My CX ordeal

After my shoot in New York, I was so glad that my couple was more than willing to drop me off the airport because I just had so much stuff to carry and so they did. When i got to the CX counter there was oddly no one behind them. A few minutes later, a ground crew steps out and announces that the captain had called in sick and the flight is moved to tomorrow 730am. Immediately i feel like a wall collapse on me as i thought “This could not he happening… thats not my flight.” But as...

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